Thursday, November 7, 2013


Off on the road again, this time with the 4 lads. 
Moey came well prepared with the double banana and the bog roll.

Harry had a rough start but we got him to the doctor in Adelaide.

Truck stops are always good for a laugh, and a wee.


Casey is east as it gets

This things a fun jam but it left me with 2 knee caps dangit

When in Rome...

Drink coopers...right?


Morgs organisational skills were getting worked out this day.


"Moey and the giant box of cereal" 

coming to a cinema near you.


Its comfier than it looks!

Thanks to Aussie D and Reggie for showing us around, good blokes!

rerrow Reggie! 

some local doood

Told you we got Harry to the doctor... Dr. Tims!!!

I think this is Indias mars mission shuttle, 
it flew from one side of the horizon to the other in seconds...
or I was drunk.
ok I was drunk.

Good wood, slid to death.
Broke a board, first one in years.
Is it bad to be stoked on that?

Harry Clark heaven.

Poor ol Ricky got food poisoning but soldiered on through another hot day.

Moey will rip any spot.

Had a sweet tour van for this trip, guzzled the fuel though...



Great times had by all, lets do it again soon lads!

Thanks for having us Adelaide!

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